Gay Friendly Wedding DJs

We only choose the absolute best DJs to work on our company. This allows us to guarantee a successful and memorable celebration that friends and family will still be talking about months after.

Our team consists of gay DJs and gay friendly DJs we always ensure you will be happy with our service and will ensure it is bespoke to your needs.

There are many important factors that ensure your wedding is perfect and we use our detailed plan to ensure each one of them is covered and the wedding is a success.

We are very strict on the DJs we take on board and a few of the characteristics we look for are:

Our DJs unrivalled experience has given them the ability to understand what works best when it comes to music selection, keeping guests ecstatic throughout the function and dance floors busy and crowded from start to finish.

Passion for what they do:
Our DJs love what they do. They are energetic, enthusiastic and can electrify the room and keep the vibes flowing throughout the night to the satisfaction of your guests. This also applies to daytime events since our DJs can redefine a boring mood and make it vivacious by creating an exciting environment for your guests to revel and have fun.

Our Gay Friendly Wedding DJs will keep you happy. Their pleasant personalities will allow you and your guests to feel comfortable around them, throughout the planning processand even on the wedding day.

First impression lasts. We ensure our DJs are smart, tidy and presentable. You will always find them dressed appropriately for the evening.

All our DJs are eloquent, confident and express themselves properly in a warm and respectful manner. You also don’t have to worry about each stage of the day all your guests will be able to hear all vital announcemen


ts, without missing on the fun.

Well equipped:

Our equipment is sourced from reliable manufacturers that offer high quality. We maintain our equipment to ensure quality sound and performance.
Also even the best equipment in the industry can break down which is why we always have a backup plan, we always have backup equipment on the night in the unlikely event of fault.

Mixing and blending:
Our DJs are highly talented and coupled with their DJing skills, they can fade between songs to avoid pauses, funny silences or breaksbetween songs.
Ability to read the crowd’s mood:
Our DJs are observant and play music that electrifies the crowd. They understand that their crowd is the king and mix the music based on its reactions. They assess the crowd and play music accordingly.

Our DJs for weddings are 100% reliable and tested on performance basis. As they have worked with us for many years you can rest easy knowing that they will be there to deliver.


Our Gay Friendly Wedding DJs offer quality, timely and professional announcements and so all your guests will be updated at every stage of your wedding as expected. Our DJs also ensure that the music played is favourable to all ages so that all guests are happy and enjoy every moment of the day.

You are always in charge of your wedding and we only provide advise for you to consider. We provide every DJing style to suit all your need


s; whether you want the DJ to be interactive via the microphone or not, our wedding DJs will discuss all these details with you to ensure they meet your requirements.


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