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First, we congratulate you on your forthcoming wedding day. With all the excitement and planning that goes into making the day a success, its so important to choose a perfect wedding DJ with ecstatic music that will keep the essence of the day alive for a memorable occasion.

We know you want your big day to be one of a kind. This is why we meet you, listen to your ideas and visions, enhance them and then design and organise a personalised plan to suit your needs.

From our experience, we understand that each wedding is unique and we therefore customise our plans to comprehensively accommodate your own requirements and musical preferences. You can rely on us with our DJs expertise, your event will be memorable and to your specifications but beyond your expectations.



We leave nothing to chance on your special day. With pages of key elements to help you plan your wedding in our schedules, we will make your day a successful.

We also include a timeline in the schedules to ensure you have peace of mind on your big day when it comes to keeping time.

Instead of you requesting us to announce or insinuate a particular stage, we are flexible and only announce when need be. Because we will have the timeline handy, where a key phase involves you, we will first find out from you if you are ready before announcing or inviting you. This keeps you relaxed as you enjoy yourself rather than constantly being worried about the timing.

We also guide you through each phase and advise you on what works best at each stage.

When it comes to the schedule, we provide several options for you to choose from. This includes how you would like to be introduced and in what manner.
We never go wrong. We always make sure we have all the necessary details including mothers, fathers and best man names right before introducing; that is if need be.

Your personal touch:

Planning of the day to suit your personal layout identifying the kind of personal music you would like for the evening including background music.

The type and colour of equipment you would like us to use. We have white or black star cloths, white or black dance floors, white or black speakers, various coloured up lighting or disco lighting to choose from.

If you have wedding images that you would like projected, the specific images or shapes, colours and the lighting should be availed to match your theme.
The type of equipment you would like for the big day (View the additional extras section)





It’s extremely important to prepare in advance to ensure smooth operations and that everything goes as planned and that there are no hitches on the big day.
We prepare the following in advance:
The DJ sets up the equipment in a convenient area in the venue.
Full planning with our schedules
Your favourite music details and those of your friends and family are taken
We can also liaise with your venue planner to ensure the setup will be compatible with their venue arrangement and also get an overview of their general layout and plans for the day.




We ensure all the necessary legal and safety documents are availed; these are often required by the venue to ensure safety.

We ensure all these documents are covered in advance and liaise with your venue so that nothing is left to chance when the big day is approaching.
Having all the necessary legal documents that venues require ready, you can rest easy knowing that your planning process will go smoothly even as your big day draws nearer.



Our DJs for weddings are 100% reliable and tested on performance basis. Having worked with us for many years, you can rest easy knowing that they will be there to deliver beyond your expectations.

Our wedding disco equipment is fully reliable and undergoes safety tests on a regular basis

Bookings are made through written contracts and confirmation emails send to the client.

Contact can be through phone or via emails, anytime from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m– 5.30pm.

Out of hours contact numbers available in case of urgency or emergency.

You will have the peace of mind when you hire us because in the unlikely event your DJ falls ill, we will provide one of our other experienced DJs who will still give you value for your financial commitment and make the day a great success.





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