gay wedding djsThe music for your big day is so important to us we want to get is exactly right which is why we always are for your tastes in advance, including your likes and dislikes.

Our DJs will also lease with you to discuss your friends and families music tastes, we also have a online database of music where you can get examples that are best for you. These songs listed are the absolute best songs chosen by us and what we feel really gets the crowds dancing. It has been put together by 5 of our DJs who are specialist in weddings so you can be sure these songs are to work on your big day. It is also best to choose a selection of must play tracks you love and 100% would like played as the DJ also needs flexibility on the night encase certain song selections chosen are not to guests liking on the night.

We also will take requests from your guests on the night if you prefer not to have certain styles played and a guests asks for particular tracks that are not to your liking our DJs will not play these particular tracks that maybe un appropriate.


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